Wednesday 19 December 2012

Outbound to Wonderland, Ireland and Provence

'Impressive' - Garry Smith

 Last Sunday (16/12/2012) at Twickfolk wasn't a 'Runaway Train' of a night, more of a mystery tour that took us to places all over the Northern Hemisphere.
Our departure was courtesy of the ever impressive Garry Smith. As you know this is the 3rd time in 6 months that I've drawn Garry (left) and he still remains one of my favourites during the art residency. His tune 'Outbound to Wonderland' was named after a sign you'll see travelling through the Boston Metro. Wonderland was a Greyhound Track (1935-2010) and both Garry's song and performance capture the imagination (like the sign itself).
Next we had the spoken words of Racker Donnelly, who's Yuletide Suite animated both the audience and Racker himself to a near state of flight.
The main draw of the evening took a while to get up to full speed. Despite Duck Baker's tentative start I immediately warmed to him and hugely enjoyed his western swing tunes and especially 'The Blackbird'. We we're then joined by Helen Roche, who style doesn't immediately engender itself to the audience. Her thin delicate face and slight physique leans away from public as though she'd just got an umpleasant whiff of the Twickfolk crowd. This impression doesnt last long. As she sings she pulls you further in towards her. We started our journey in Scotland and Ireland, took various detours through Provence and end up at our final detination with Satan via Germany.

Next week is Twickfolk's Christmas celebrations with a seasonal singers night. Percussion aficionado Dave Mill's has promised me a cracker (of a song).


Duck Baker

Helen Roche


Racker Donnelly

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